1956At the age of 13 in Calabria Italy, John Montesano began working as a bricklayer.

1960John Montesano immigrated to Canada.

1962John Montesano started his own business as a masonry contractor

1971Built his first home on Victoria park and Van Horne Ave.

1975Incorporated Primont Homes.

1977 - 1989Primont Homes builds over 260 homes across the GTA.

1989Built a commercial building on West Beaver Creek.

1998Joe Montesano becomes President of Primont Homes. Primont Homes builds over 350 homes across the GTA.

1999Primont Homes built over 530 homes across the GTA

2000Lore Montesano becomes Vice President of Primont Homes. Built over 536 homes across the GTA.

2003Charles Attardo joins as Primont Homes Vice President. Built over 660 homes across the GTA.

2005Completed over 1500 homes across the GTA.

2015Completed over 3000 homes across the GTA.

2017Our new communities.

2017Launch of hirise division.