Delightful Design: Lighting Fixtures.

Adding unique lighting fixtures to everyday spaces has recently become a popular design trend, from hanging a chandelier in your bathroom to placing a floor lamp in your front foyer. These unlikely combinations effortlessly add a unique flair to your home. In this edition of Delightful Design you’ll get modern ideas that will have you rethinking your home’s lighting.

Front Foyer

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The front foyer is the first impression guests have of your home, you want to amaze them and make them feel comfortable. Floor lamps are a great way to add coziness to your front foyer. Place the light in a corner beside a small bench or table and allow the lamp to give your space the relaxed luxury it needs.

Also consider adding a trendy lamp to a table that sits in the front hallway. If you have artwork you want to show off, lamps are a great way to brighten the piece without having to add sconces or pot lights.

Living Room

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Hanging a large light fixture in your living room creates a new focal point. Choose a fixture that will match with the rest of the décor and it will create it’s own statement.

A dimmer switch in the living room generates mood lighting and comfort. Adding a dimmer to every room in your home will help you change the mood and vibe whenever you want.


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Choosing a light fixture for your kitchen and dining room is a big task because it’s the room that is used most in your home. The kitchen specifically needs complex lighting because there isn’t one precise central point of the room. Use overhead lighting, like pot lights, around the areas you cook most and try hanging pendent lights for your island or sitting area.

Powder Room

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Hanging a chandelier or pendent light in a washroom may seem daunting and a bit over dramatic for the room but a chandelier will add glam and a hint of elegance to a powder room. Whether traditional with crystals or more modern, a chandelier will offer good overall light.

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Your bedroom is your private oasis and a place you want to feel calm and comfortable. Choosing the right lighting will make all the difference if you do so properly. Hanging pendent lights on either side of the bed is a unique décor element that will add character to your bedroom.

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