8 Back-to-School Tips for an Easy School Year.

School is almost in session and things will certainly get more chaotic in your household. As you get ready for the kids to head into the classroom, these back-to-school hacks are sure make life easier for you, and your little ones.

1. Trace around your childs feet to avoid bringing them shoe shopping

If the thought of bringing your kids to a busy shoe store stresses you out, do yourself a favour and trace their feet onto a piece of paper. You can then use the outline to pick out a pair of shoes stress-free.

2. Prevent buttons from falling off school uniform shirts

Adding a clear coat of nail polish to shirt buttons will stop the buttons from loosening and falling off – never to be seen again.

Photo via Brit + Co

3. Dedicate a spot in the fridge for school lunches

Like it or not, your nightly routine will consist of packing lunches for the next day; save yourself time fiddling inside the fridge by making room for a designated lunch spot at the beginning of the year.

4. Create a snack on-the-go bin

While you’re making room in the fridge, create a snack bucket that can be filled with snacks you can quickly toss into the kids’ lunchboxes.

Photo via Organize Yourself Skinny

5. Consider grab-and-go breakfast items

Save time in the morning by making breakfast foods in large batches. Options like scrambled egg muffins or pancake bacon sticks can be made in advance, placed in the freezer, and microwaved in the morning.

6. Give your kids a post office folder

Schools love to send home notices and permissions slips and it’s hard to make sure they all make it home. Place a folder in your child’s book bag labeled “Post Office” and explain to them that it’s their very important duty to make sure all the “mail” gets placed inside the Post Office.

Photo via Daily Mail

7. Make your own ice packs using sponges

Soak a sponge in water and place it in a sandwich bag in the freezer. By morning, you’ll have your own DIY ice pack that you can reuse over and over again.

Photo via The Kitchn

8. Utilize a Homework Caddy and keep it nearby

Let’s face it; kids often forget their rulers, pencil crayons, and other supplies at school. Come homework time, don’t struggle to find school supplies in their backpack or around the house – keep a fully stocked basket or container nearby that acts as the designated homework supply kit.

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Cover photo courtesy of Integrated Learning Strategies