3 Tips for Summer Road Trips with Kids.

Every parent has the same worry when it comes to road trips with kids – “how will I keep them entertained during the long drive?” Whether it’s a 3 hour or 10 hour drive, kids certainly have short attention spans that make long travel a concern. Fear not, because we have the tips you need to get the kids – and yourself – through a summer road trip.

1. Bring Lots of Snacks 

Photos courtesy of itsalwaysautumn.com

When deciding on snacks to bring on your family road trip it’s helpful to pick things that are fairly mess-free. Prepackaged snacks like granola bars or string cheese are ideal, but you can also put snacks like fruit, crackers, trail mix, and popcorn in small bags or containers. Get innovative with a tackle box by filling every compartment with a different tasty snack. The kids will also love this snack on a string idea, which will let them help themselves to a fun treat.

2. Get Creative with Activity Choices 

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While a new colouring book and crayons or your kids’ favourite books are always nice to have on road trips, you may have to get extra creative for especially long car rides. Car themed games like Road Trip Bingo and other printable activity sheets will keep the kids engaged throughout the entire ride. Window writers will also do the trick – let the kids go nuts on their window and then simply wipe off with a wet wipe. For crafty activities, bring a cookie sheet for your little ones to use as a tray.

3. Treat the Kids to Surprises

Photo courtesy of itsalwaysautumn.com

Battle your children’s short attention spans by awarding them with surprise bags or gifts throughout your journey. You can distribute them once every hour during your drive or for every major town or city you drive through. Fill them with things like stickers, finger puppets, books, or other activities they can do during the car ride. Get more ideas on how to fill them here.

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