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Delightful Design: Creative Storage Solutions.

Every homeowner knows that regardless of how much storage space your home has, it never seems to be enough. When the cupboards are at max capacity, and every closet is accounted for it’s time to get innovative with how you store your items – and sometimes that means putting it all out on display. In this edition of Delightful Design we’re taking a look at creative storage solutions for the rooms in your home that need it the most.
For the Kitchen

Install a Pot Rack 

Photo via Country Living

Save some much needed cabinet space in your kitchen by hanging a pot rack. This storage solution creates a very modern look and feel to your kitchen, while still being wonderfully functional.

Repurpose Old Shutters 

Photo via House Beautiful

Aside from adding a unique and rustic element to your kitchen, a set of painted shutters can be utilized to hang anything from cooking utensils, to dish towels, and spices.

Put your Food to Work 

Photos via Pinterest

Instead of taking up space on the counter or in the pantry, try showcasing your groceries. Use an assortment of jars to store dry pasta and grains, or gather all your countertop fruits and veggies into a large bowl to create a colourful centerpiece.
For the Bathroom

Choose Purposeful Décor 

Photo via Good Housekeeping

Make the most out of your décor by creating DIY pieces that double as functional storage. Whether it’s giving in to your love for mason jars, or getting creative with shelving options – decorate your bathroom with purpose.

Take Advantage of the Walls 

Photo via Good Housekeeping

Bathrooms are already the smallest rooms of a home – save yourself floor and counter space by taking full advantage of the walls. Hang tasteful baskets to store toiletries, or install a series of racks to store towels.
For the Bedrooms

Make use of Ladder Shelving 

Photo via Pinterest

Ladder shelving is a modern trend that can give your room some extra style while creating a clever storage option for your personal items.

Use Accessories as Art 

Photo via Traditional Home

Free up closet space by emptying your jewelry boxes and hanging your pieces on the walls instead. Use framed corkboard or peg racks to put all your gorgeous accessories on display.

Pick the Right Nightstand 

Photo via Traditional Home

When picking out a night table, choose a design that provides generous storage. Many of these alternative nightstands allow you to maximize your storage space.

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